Ecolectro Awarded $1.08 Million NYSERDA Grant for Green Hydrogen Production

Aug 1, 2023 | Press Releases

Ecolectro, Inc., has been awarded a grant of $1.08M to propel the scaling of groundbreaking custom electrolyzer, and the novel polymer chemistry and materials within it. Ecolectro’s technology will reduce the cost of producing hydrogen through the process of electrolysis by eliminating platinum group metals, per-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) and titanium parts while maintaining performance and durability. 

Hydrogen, a clean and versatile energy carrier, holds immense potential for driving the transition to a low-carbon future. However, the traditional methods of producing hydrogen through electrolysis often rely on expensive and environmentally sensitive materials. Ecolectro’s pionering solution aims to change this paradigm by maintaining the same design elements in electrolysers while offering a true drop-in replacement that reduces costs and improves overall performance and durability. 

NYSERDA grant funds will enable Ecolectro to scale laboratory-proven technology and accelerate the development of engineering and validation prototypes. With this support, the company aims to build and test 10kW electrolyzer units, marketing a significant step towards achieving large-scale commercial viability. 

As part of the project’s vision, the electrolyzer units will undergo a pilot demonstration in collaboration with Liberty Utilities in New York. This partnership aligns with Liberty Utilities’ dedication to scaling the production of green hydrogen and advancing clean energy solutions. 

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Unleashing the Green Hydrogen Revolution