Ecolectro: Building A Path To Cleaner Fuel Cells

Jul 31, 2023 | Ecolectro in the News

The future of a healthier planet may hinge on the move to a hydrogen economy, one that shifts us permanently from the dirty dependence on oil to a world powered by clean fuel cells that convert hydrogen and oxygen into energy. The technology to make that shift possible may come from Ithaca, a city of 30,000 more than 200 miles northwest of Manhattan.

Gabriel Rodriguez-Calero, founder of Ecolectro in Ithaca, may play a big part in that transition, as he and his team help pave the way to the widespread use of fuel cell automobiles. Unlike conventional vehicles that run on gasoline or diesel, fuel cell cars combine hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, which runs a motor…

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Unleashing the Green Hydrogen Revolution