Climatebase Startup Spotlight: Ecolectro’s Story

Aug 4, 2023 | Ecolectro in the News

A common refrain in the world of climate solutions is that there are no silver bullets, only silver buckshot. But if any climate technology comes close to a whole silver bullet, it’s the green hydrogen electrolyzer.

Hydrogen is fuel that emits virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions when it is burned. To date, roughly 99% of hydrogen fuel is produced by steam reforming methane (known as ‘gray’ hydrogen), but it can also be created by transforming water into hydrogen and oxygen through a device known as an electrolyzer. The process is energy intensive, but when powered with renewables, the result is a near-zero emissions fuel that can displace methane emissions that are on the rise.

Another unique advantage that distinguishes green hydrogen from other climate solutions is its versatility. Hydrogen offers a low-carbon solution for many industries, such as fertilizer production and aviation fuel. It’s also a reliable energy source to power heavy industries like glass and steel manufacturing that account for as much as 11% of the world’s carbon emissions.

That was part of what drew electrolyzer startup Ecolectro’s founders Dr. Kristina Hugar and Dr. Gabriel Rodriguez-Calero to the technology when they were first thinking about how to put the engineering skills they learned at Cornell toward making a positive impact…

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Unleashing the Green Hydrogen Revolution